The Discover Science program at Crag Cave, in association with the Science foundation Ireland, is an ideal way to introduce science into the class environment. The program focuses on the cornerstone of scientific discovery – the Scientific Method.
At Crag Cave the class focuses on the Scientific method
by using it with Geology and Palaeontology. The workshop can be adapted to suit all ages of primary school students.

The program uses a mix of a discussion format and a practical format.
The Discussion format is allowing students decipher the meaning of the scientific method.
With a led presentation they are asked focused questions to lead them to the answers themselves.
The Practical format begins with a tour of Crag Cave, giving an insight into limestone and its formation until they reach the fossil dig site within the cave.
This is where they will use what they have learned in the Discussion format to correctly find and record data on the fossils via a plan that will be created by the class.

After the dig the class returns to the Discussion room and end the program
with teaching them how to properly record data on fossils found in the cave.
There is also a video presentation to show some
of the fossils they collected and how they live in the ocean – such as swimming and eating.
A workbook is provided for the students, which contains safety rules for
the cave and puzzles based on the program.

Crag Cave is a Discover Science Centre registered with the Science foundation Ireland.
Schools registered on the Discover Primary Science and Maths project can opt to apply for a SFI Discover Science and Maths Award when they have met certain criteria for science-related activities including a visit to a Discover Science Centre such as Crag Cave.

[All other criteria can be found on the website]

Duration of the Workshop 2½ hours.

Workshop Price: €8 per child

Additional Options:
Lunch - €4.95 per child
Option 1: Nuggets/Sausages/Fish Fingers & Chips with a Drink
Option 2: Selection of Sandwiches with Crisps and Juice

Add 1 hour Crazy Cave Play area - €3