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At crag cave, nature’s classroom is over 1 million years old

Would you like your class to learn about ancient rivers running secretly for hundreds of millenia? Or about how our limestone rock formed when Ireland lay under a tropical sea at the equator? Will they want to search for the fossils in the subterranean caverns and passages?

Do you think your boys and girls would be interested in seeing how water, drop by slow drop, formed the unique and beautiful calcite creations of stalactites, stalagmites and crystal straws?

Would the superhero obsessed in your class want to hear how the courageous cave divers explored these caves that are older than mankind?

Take your children to nature’s classroom in Ireland’s most exciting show cave and they’ll see geology, palaeontology and speleology come to life before their eyes.

Crag Cave

Our Crag Cave educational tour takes approximately 30 minutes and is designed and adapted for young ears, young eyes and curious minds.

We leave the boring “ologies” for the adults among us and engage your class in an exciting and creative way, allowing their imaginations to travel through time from 1 million years ago to today where we’re still exploring and investigating our wondrous cave.

School tour play sessions in our soft play area

Our Crazy Cave Activity Centre is perfect for a high-energy play session in our safe and supervised soft play area. Suitable for children up to 12 years of age, the play session is 90 minutes long and it can be booked as a package with the Crag Cave tour.

While teachers must remain with the group, they can enjoy tea and coffee in our Crazy Cave Café with a full view of the play area. Relax on our comfortable sofas, enjoy our selection of teas, coffees and tasty treats and take a well-earned break!

For schools who want to take advantage of the variety that our Crag Cave experience offers, we can arrange group lunches for your school group. The child-centred menu includes options such as chicken nuggets, sausages, chips, sandwiches/rolls, crisps, fruit and juice.

Our Crag Cave facility has a large, free car park perfect for parking large tour buses.

Crag Cave School Tour Packages and Pricing

Prices (per child):

Crag Cave Tour (30 minutes duration) €6.00
Crazy Cave Play Session (90 minutes duration) €8.00
Group Lunch €5.00

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