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Crag Cave

Ireland’s Most Exciting Showcave

Crag Cave is an ancient fossil cave system over one million years old. It was formed by underground rivers and flood-filled chambers, eroding the limestone rock over millennia. Nature stands as a creative and patient stonemason, carving unique and atmospheric tunnels and caverns.

Older than mankind itself, Crag Cave was not discovered until 1983. 

Today, Ireland’s most exciting show cave is an all-weather visitor attraction located just north of Castleisland, the gateway to Kerry. 

It is an extensive underground system that is almost four kilometers long and is one of the finest examples of limestone cave formation on the island. Crag Cave is the longest cave in County Kerry, the seventh longest in the Republic of Ireland and the tenth longest cave in Ireland.

Visitors can see the delicate subterranean features such as stalactites and stalagmites, wonder at the beauty of “The Crystal Gallery” filled with thousands of pure calcite straws or gaze upward to the candlestick-shaped stalagmites in the domed ceiling of “The Cathedral”.

Crag Cave began its life nearly 350 millions years ago when Ireland lay close to the equator under a tropical sea.

Nature laid down limestone beds that over time moved and tilted to create mountains of rock. Geological forces and water flows worked together to carve the wondrous caverns, passages and cave formations that visitors can see today.

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After the large subterranean rivers dried or found alternative routes, small droplets of water continued to work relentlessly over time, drawing calcite from the limestone rock. They deposited microscopic crystals that formed and these grew into the delicate formations of stalactites, stalagmites and straws in the caverns and passages of Crag Cave today.

These outstanding features of the cave have been meticulously forming over the past 15,000 years.

Crag Cave is a living system that will continue to grow and change, in balance with nature, for tens of thousands of years to come.

We combine nature’s work with an atmospheric lighting system to enhance the dramatic and unique natural beauty of the cave.

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien can learn about Helms Deep, the Forest of Fangorn, Minas Tirith, the Hall of Moria and the Cirith Ungol passage.

You’ll hear how the cave divers exploring Crag Cave in the early 1980s were so awed by the unique, complex and bountiful caverns and tunnels that they named them after the otherworldly locations of the master storyteller’s Middle Earth.


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Come join us as we take you through one million years of history

Further Information

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You can discover more about Crag Cave’s unique features and formations in our Visitor’ Guide and read about the geological history and the discovery of the caves in A Cave’s Journey.


To access the Crag Cave Tour, visitors need to climb 72 steps. Unfortunately, the attraction is not accessible for wheelchairs, prams or pushchairs.

All other areas of the Visitor Centre, Activity Centre, restaurant, toilets and gift shop are fully accessible.

Opening Times

Crag Cave is open all year round. Tours of the cave are self-guided and take approximately 30 minutes. We are open daily during school holidays.

January – March

10am – 6pm

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

April – November

10am – 6pm

Monday – Sunday


10am – 6pm

Thursday – Sunday 

Cave Admission Prices

Adults €17.00
Child (over 4 year old) €7.00
Children under 4 years old Free
Family Ticket: 2 Adults and 2 Children €42
Family Ticket: 2 Adults and 4 Children €50
Senior Concession €14.00
Student Concession (Valid I.D. required) €14.00
Combined Cave & Play €15.00
Group Prices Please contact Crag Cave Visitor Centre on 066 7141244, or email us on

Come join us as we take you through one million years of history

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