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Stewardship and Sustainability

At Crag Cave, we are deeply committed to our role as stewards of this ancient cave so it can be preserved for future generations to learn from and explore.

Our cave was born out of natural geological developments and challenges. We are intimately aware of the impact global climate changes are having on the natural environment.

We have almost reached our goal of a fully-LED operated lighting system throughout the facility. LED lights are located in our play area, our restaurant area and of course, our cave. These lights are timed to preserve energy and ensure that no electricity is wasted. We have begun the process of introducing solar panels to make the Crag Cave facility more eco-friendly.

Our Crazy Cave café uses washable plastic plates, cups, cutlery and paper straws. While we would like to use less plastic, safety measures are of paramount importance in the play area. We do not use single-use plastic in any part of our restaurant or café.

The waste that we produce is disposed of safely and hygienically with the help of our waste management partners, while we continue to reduce food waste within the facility on an on-going basis.

Our aim is to do everything possible so we will entrust a healthy planet to our children and grandchildren.

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